Tuesday, January 15, 2008

#23 - Summary

I enjoyed working with the digital music and video things just because they are fun. I found the RSS feeds interesting and something brand new to me. As far as work is concerned, the tagging and actually some of the social networking things seem to have possibilities. Anything that helps me understand better what many of the patrons in the library are doing is helpful for my job.

I actually enjoyed doing this even though it took me awhile. It was hard enough for me that I was challenged, but so difficult that I wanted to throw the computer out the window (except for a bit on the podcasting). I certainly would do another one given the opportunity.

#22 - Podcasts

This one took awhile because I struggled with the computer not loading things. I ended up sticking with radio programs and did OK with that. If your computer has the appropriate software and enough speed, this is very cool. As with some of the other 23 things, I found myself drifting around and spending quite some time playing and I see the great opportunities that are out there - don't worry about missing the program, just listen to it at your leisure.

Again, the training opportunities here are vast.

Monday, January 14, 2008

#21 - Online Video

Well, that's my day. I have not done much on YouTube before, so I spent way too much time messing around. A lot of the stuff sounds messy, but it's amazing what is out there. I simply searched for a musician I enjoy and worked through the list that came up. There is quite a bit of repetition with the videos. It's easy to begin to pick out the more quality videos by checking who posted it.

Is there room for this in the library? Without question - we have listened to and watched some instructional videos in doing the 23 things. I can see it's use in tutorials with computer classes.


#20 - Speical Treat

I found the video interesting. I don't think any particularly new concepts were raised - we have been searching for some time to find ways to deal with the concepts of authorship and identity on the web. However, I like the brief history of why it happened. While I understand the overall idea of the web, the specific information of the changes that have led us to where we are today, I appreciated.

As for the audience, the people viewing the video must have a concept of the possibilities of the web or it will be pointless. I also think that people who have grown up with the web, may benefit from it because they may not understand the scope of the change and the vast implications for society.

Friday, January 11, 2008

#19 - Digital Music

I listen to radio stations sometimes online and for the most part, it works fine. It helps the experience to have good speakers! I have never done file sharing, but I can certainly see the benefits and know people who do file sharing with no difficulties. I guess I just need to find a situation where it makes sense to give it a try.

#18 - Social Networking

I have heard a great deal about social networking sites, but have never spent much time on them. The articles were helpful in putting the topic in a context for me. I think talking about whether social networking sites are good or bad is irrelevant as they are here to stay. I know in the library, the first thing the kids do when they come in after school is hit myspace or something along those lines. While I don't feel the impulse myself, I found this section helpful for to understand why and how people use social networking sites. As for are they helpful? Anything information sharing site can be helpful, but it seems to me that some of the other options we have explored might be more useful in a work environment.

#17 - Wikis

This is my first real experience with Wikis. I find myself once again thinking what a great way to share information. I read the piece about wikis creating an online community and was intrigued. I especially like the Saint Joseph wiki. The site shows the library as part of the larger community and makes it a clearing house of information and resources. Libraries that can be in intregal resource for their communities are even more relevant and useful.

#16 - Technorati & Blog Tagging

The searches in different places for the same things reenforces what librarians probably know - it does make a difference what you search and where you search. It makes me think how we try to communicate things like computer troubleshooting tips to each other; talking about how we answered various questions at the information desk is helpful not just to talk about the situation, but to also share successful ways of finding what people want.

As someone who does not spend a great deal of time messing around on the computer - at least time that isn't job related - or watch much news, I find I understand a bit better the scope of interest in current news and entertainment. It is nearly impossible to avoid the latest Hollywood scandel, but also the latest policitcal or economic news as well when clicking around in these blogs. However, when I went to the most popular blogs, the scope of topics got broader. The tech-related and more culture-related topics seem to have more lasting power.

#15 - Tagging

I wish I had this available when I was going to school! As you spend more time on del.icio.us, I can see you get to know names of reliabale sources for information. The searches are so directed that there is a ton of cool stuff available all on one page. Obviously mamy of the 23 things have to do with information sharing, but this seems an excellent tool for groups to share things they have found.