Friday, January 11, 2008

#16 - Technorati & Blog Tagging

The searches in different places for the same things reenforces what librarians probably know - it does make a difference what you search and where you search. It makes me think how we try to communicate things like computer troubleshooting tips to each other; talking about how we answered various questions at the information desk is helpful not just to talk about the situation, but to also share successful ways of finding what people want.

As someone who does not spend a great deal of time messing around on the computer - at least time that isn't job related - or watch much news, I find I understand a bit better the scope of interest in current news and entertainment. It is nearly impossible to avoid the latest Hollywood scandel, but also the latest policitcal or economic news as well when clicking around in these blogs. However, when I went to the most popular blogs, the scope of topics got broader. The tech-related and more culture-related topics seem to have more lasting power.

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